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If you have pests, you shouldnt worry about painstakingly looking through the listings on your favorite search engine. We will work hard to locate a company that has experience working with your specific pest control issues. Types of pests we will help with covers but is not limited to ants, termites, and more.

Cockroaches Can be Trouble To You and Your Home

Cockroaches unfortunately are a standard pest that take advantage of your home. The common reason we want to stop a roach invasion as soon as possible is because they can reproduce and spread quickly. The sight of unwanted critters is enough to ruin your day.

On top of being nasty and gross, roaches can contaminate the air by leaving droppings in every corner of your home. This can pose a threat because roaches often carry bacteria that causes allergic reactions throughout the people in your home. They can eat anything they can find, which may leave you sick.

Ants Are Burdensome

Most homeowners can be unaware that certain ants cause just as much damage to your home as termites do. Like termites, carpenter ants can cause lots of damage to wood structures in your house. Rather than eating the wood, carpenter ants cause harm by tunneling through. These ants cause issues since they can be hidden in the walls and other wood surfaces making them tough to find.

Different types of ants can bite, by using their mandibles and mouth to grab the skin when they feel threatened. These bites, although uncomfortable, are typically not dangerous unless you do not clean the bite properly. Ants are enjoyed by a multitude of pests, meaning more pests will make your home theirs to feed on ants.

Rodents in Your Home Can Be Fatal

Rats and other rodents such as mice can carry diseases that can be deadly to humans. Have you heard of the Black Plague and the horrors that came from it? The Europeans can thank pests for that terrible period of history. Diseases that rodents pass along are often seen in other parts of the world, but you still dont want these guys in your home.

Rats and mice will eat almost whatever they can get their hands on. They can use their mouth to gnaw all the way into wallboards, insulation, wood, and cardboard. Rats can as well get into electrical wires of your home. Pests exposing electrical wiring are shown to be the reason for 25% of house fires here in the United States.

Only Two Species Of Spiders Are Unsafe

Surprisingly, spiders can benefit you in your residence. Most spiders eat up to 2,000 insects per year, so they keep insects out of your way. They also go face-to-face with other spiders, helping to prevent a larger spider infestation from taking place in your house.

Spiders do still bite nonetheless, and their bites can make a spot on your skin that is painful. Only two of all spider species throughout the United States are found to be poisonous. Spiders leave spider webs that leave a hideous appearance.

Only Two Kinds Of Scorpions Can Harm You

Its a well known misunderstanding that scorpions strictly live in deserts or areas under development. Scorpions are sure to pop up almost anywhere, even in your home. Only one kind of scorpion in the United States is destructive enough to kill humans, but their stings are still excruciating.

If you come across scorpions, its best to look for an exterminator whose specialty is scorpions. The reason is because scorpions are incredibly tough and they do not react to pesticides the way other bugs would. We will take care of finding you an exterminator who has precise methods for spraying scorpions.

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